Finding Entertainment The Smart Way

There was a time when a lot of gadgets were used for each function, television for movies, landline line phones for calls, CD players to listen to music and many more to name. But today, you can fit all these functions into a single smart phone. The advancement has made it possible. Even this day you can find new models of smart phones coming up which include much advanced options. These features are making our day to day activities like planning, reminders, maintaining contacts an easy job and another advantage is having all the information at one place.

Many operating systems have developed applications that provide entertainment. For example, games, movies, music can be accessed at any place when you have your phone with you. Movie box is one application where you can watch movies, listen to music unlimitedly. You can watch it online or you can download it and watch later. These applications are developed in the two most used operating systems android and iOS and can be used in both the smart phones.

You can access the latest movies and music without any additional fee. The problem of watching movies online is finding the right website. When we browse for a good website for movies most of the time, we end up with pop ups and suspicious websites. To avoid all such hassles, one can just download the app and watch movies uninterrupted.

What does the app offer?

As mentioned above, we can access movies and music, irrespective of the genre, time of release and popularity.


The perks of watching movies in the app are that they are of high quality. In fact, you can choose the quality you want depending on the internet speed and download limit. There is also an option of adding subtitles of required languages to the movies, thus you have a benefit of watching movies in any language by choosing subtitles of your own language. Prior to watching movie, you can view reviews and ratings of the film and based on that you can decide whether to watch it or not.  If you have no time to watch at the moment but you found a good movie that you have longed to watch for, you need not to worry about searching from all the data on the app; you can just add it to favorites and find it right away. What more, you can even share it to your friends on social networking sites like facebook, twitter or through email.


In addition to movies, series on TV also have a huge following among public. Many people do not find time to watch series broadcasted on TV because of inconvenient timings. You can watch movies in theatres but series lack that advantage. So, most of them depend on internet to watch the series. Browsing through websites to find the right episode and right series is strenuous job as there are many misleading websites on the internet. The best way to watch series is to download the app and watch the wanted series.

Having this app on your iPad or iPhone definitely proves beneficial and entertaining.